DIY Sophie Bille Brahe

So this earring has been going around on the fashion net for a little while now.
When I first saw this earring it just reminded me of a navel ring, only larger. So I went and customized my own ring. Pretty happy with the result, I must say. And sure as hell a lot more affordable!


Marilyn Manson x Saint Laurent

Wow, what an epic photo this is! Really surprised and excited to see this. As I was a Marilyn Manson fan myself in my teenage years, I think this is a really cool combination of the old me and the present me.
Brings back a lot of good memories!


Lunch bag

Remember the Jil Sander leather lunch bag? This Zara bag is a perfect substitute!
Ofcourse to wear as a clutch, but also comes with a shoulder strap :) Purchase here.


Zara Spring 2013

Zara has done it again.. The season has barely started, but already created some amazing pieces!